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Document Management

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What does FITdoc do?

FITdoc allows you to more efficiently and automate administrative processes. With FITdoc you choose for a lot of basic functionalities with which you can already do a lot. However, it is always possible to add extra tailor-made functionalities (e.g. specific workflows, processes, etc.).

How does FITdoc operate?

Adding: unlimited in number, in the cloud or locally

Full integration with Outlook/Gmail for adding files (mail traffic, invoices, contracts, drawings,...). Easily add communications to the FITdoc archive with a click

Drag & drop: drag, drop to and from FITdoc.

Scan documents directly to the FITdoc archive or choose to scan documents in bulk via QR/barcodes.

Add photos, (site) documents and other files via the mobile application.

Retrieval and search: google-like search by content and keywords

Search like in Google with one click on the button to the right file

Filter by (document) type, date, author, client,... to refine searches and get quick results or use boolean search functions such as AND, OR, NOT, PROVIDED,...

Work remotely via the mobile app or web application

Processing & dispatching: take your administration and teamwork to the next level

Print or mail files directly from your digital archive

Share files with colleagues or external persons (e.g. suppliers, contractors,...) via an anonymous online link

Subscribe to your favorite or frequently used documents and stay informed of all modifications

Determine all rights and access to the documents based on person, department, site, file, function,...

Workflows and approval: circulate documents digitally via automatization

Ideal for optimizing internal processes or defining step-by-step approval and actions

Not limited to invoice approval but also assigning POs, purchase orders, contracts, files,... to people or departments

Set reminders or request specific actions

Integration with other packages: to and from FITdoc, export and exchange data for further processing

Communicate with other packages and retrieve information from other software applications (ERP, financial administration,...)

Export files and data to other software applications to enable further processing (e.g. invoices, orders,...)

Document recognition and AI - ARGUS: automatic recognition and reading of documents

Automatic recognition and analysis of invoices and other documents

Reading forms - also on paper - such as order forms, delivery notes,...

Assigning files to the correct type, folder, etc.