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Cirta ERP

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Cirta's strength lies in centralizing all logistical, administrative and financial processes within the company. As an ERP, Cirta automates all business processes from procurement to invoicing, in a single package. This way, everyone works with the same information and errors are reduced to a minimum. Streamlined (paperless) processes with a clear focus on maximizing productivity and throughput speed within the company, that is Cirta.

In accordance with the Qastan philosophy, Cirta was also built for and together with the customer. This way, Cirta quickly grew into a practical and high-performance application that meets the current needs of every modern business operation. Our expertise in automation and digitalisation was used to further optimise internal processes.

To support a flexible way of working and to streamline all company information, the different processes were merged into one integrated solution. This way, there is one set of so-called master data so that every employee has the same information at hand. Moreover, the business process becomes a lot more efficient.

All the building blocks for a complete ERP and management of processes:

Icon CRM and customer follow-up
Icon document management system
Icon Production
Icon purchase
Icon post calculation
Icon sales
Icon warehouse management & inventory management

What is an ERP?

An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, is the beating heart of every organization and business with the goal of maximizing productivity. The software links all individual business processes across all departments and stores this information in a central database. This central management ensures that not every department needs his/her own application and that work can be done in a consistent, more uniform way. At the same time, it allows for more straightforward analyses or for decisions to be tested against the company's objectives.