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Planning tool

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How does MountQ differentiate
from other planning systems?

Developed from practice

With its various options (time registration, hand drawing, real-time scheduling, etc) MountQ has enormous flexibility. This flexibility grew out of collaboration with research institutes (Odisee and KU Leuven), the shared experience of some of our customers and our own experience in developing customised software. Developed through practical experience, MountQ is not a (standard) product but a solution provided for and by companies.

Intelligent optimization

In order to make the planning run fully automatically, the company's own rules are used (collective bargaining rules, certification of employees, etc.) as well as the Kernel algorithm. Through this algorithm, patterns and relationships are recognized. In this way, MountQ will propose the most optimal schedule for each employee.

Optimal planning according to your rules & parameters

Whereas the creation of a good schedule is a time-consuming event with other packages, MountQ makes all the difference in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. An automatic schedule or, if you wish, a planning proposal, is created by taking into account numerous factors (setting priorities, time-distance optimisation, but also the organisation's own rules, such as collective labour agreement rules, preferred technicians, branches, etc.). This optimizes the planning for the employees and at the same time raises productivity to a higher level. At the same time, every change is sent directly to the employee in the field. Fast, efficient and crystal clear.

Clear and more effective planning

The intelligent planning system ensures effective and optimal planning. MountQ always takes into account the available resources, both materials and employees, as well as the rules (parameters) specific to the organisation. After all, every organisation's planning is different. In addition to consulting individual staff, assignments can also be assigned to external partners or subcontractors.

Integration capabilities

MountQ was developed with integration with existing enterprise software in mind (via API). We are committed to making it easy to integrate with any ERP package. If we don't have this integration in house, we are happy to take on the challenge of setting it up.