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Download technical support

Need technical support?

For problems that cannot be solved directly by our help center, you can of course expect remote assistance. Therefore, download our AnyDesk application so that we can smoothly take over your screen, and contact one of our support staff.

Step 01.
Download the support application

Are there any technical problems that can be fixed thanks to one of our technicians taking over your screen? Then download the Anydesk application from this website.

Step 02.
Open the application

The application was just downloaded, double click or open the application. You can keep this application somewhere in order to get an even better service from our service center in the future.

Step 03.
The magic 9-digit code

If the application is started we can establish a secure connection. Provide the 9-digit code to your support engineer to have it connected.

Step 04.
Accepting the connection

Finally, you can accept the secure connection. This connection will remain in place until you cancel it or until one of our employees breaks the connection.

Step 05.
The support engineer does his thing

You can now enjoy for a while how the support engineer is doing his thing or there is finally some time to answer a few more important emails.
In any case, the problem you had will be handled with the greatest care to solve it as eficiently as possible.