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Qastan Integration Services
Choosing a future-oriented IT policy

With Qastan, you choose a future-oriented IT policy and a partner who helps to unburden your organization. Through targeted (strategic) advice and support we optimize, where necessary, the existing processes (both software - hardware and network infrastructure) to maximize your return.

One single point of contact for all IT matters, with a direct line when urgent interventions are required, that is the service we offer. Our many years of experience at various companies in the field of digitization and automation, together with your wishes, form the blueprint of this long-term partnership. Whether it's about maintaining the existing infrastructure (scanners, laptops, servers, network) or as a point of contact, together we outline the priorities and ensure a high-performance and future-proof organization.

Asset management & hardware

Infrastructure, hosting, management and maintenance

Need equipment (laptops, servers, scanners, printers, cables, keyboards...) quickly? Looking for a cloud or hosting solution? Quick ordering is possible through our customer portal. We take care of the setup, set up all the equipment and make sure everything is ready to go right away.

Infrastructure and hardware requires the necessary maintenance, upkeep and installations. Through asset management we take stock of the equipment present and also take care of the necessary maintenance and management of it. We ensure that everything remains manageable and affordable, tailored to your organization. Guarantees and maintenance contracts, we also take care of this.


One point of contact for your entire IT

With our one-stop-shop solution, you choose Qastan as a single point of contact for your entire IT. No more worries about software updates, latest versions, security or scanners and laptops that don't work anymore, we take care of it all. As a partner, we are always available. And you can take this quite literally. Both within and outside regular office hours, we are there for you.


Integrations & interfacing with external software

From the very beginning of Qastan, we focused on the total integration of our software with existing packages. Easy integration ensures that your employees can continue to work in their familiar environment. We also keep everything manageable and affordable.

With a link or integration we address the so-called API of our software and your current software packages. How far this integration should go depends primarily on your own wishes and the possibilities of your current (office) software. If you wish, we can coordinate with your IT partners and suppliers before the start of the project to set out the possibilities for you.

With integration you also choose how prominent you want the role of your new software to be. You can choose to introduce our software as a new software package or to let it run completely in the background (like a digital archive, for example). Some of the packages with which an integration has already been made?

Some of our integrations

What if I don't have any other software? This is certainly not a problem. Our software (e.g. FITdoc, Cirta or Mount Q) is perfectly suited to function 'on its own' at the heart of your organization or business. Do you wish to replace your current packages? Then together we will look at creating a new future proof environment for your organization.