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Qastan grows with you

At Qastan, we deliberately choose to grow together and build a long-term relationship. Our products are made for, by and together with the customer. Because working together also means growing together.

The power of innovation, continuous development and targeted advice tailored to the customer are at the heart of our story. Whether it concerns larger (multinationals) or smaller players, we always base our story on the wishes and DNA of the customer.

Why choose Qastan?

Efficiency is our core business

Increasing the efficiency of processes is our absolute core business and not just a side event we like to take in between. Our advice, analysis and support are all aimed at optimizing existing processes and maximizing your returns.

Standard solution or rather custom software?

At Qastan you don't have to choose, you just take the best of both worlds. Several of our products were created by, for and with the customer. After all, working together in a long-term relationship also means growing together. Do our standard products not 100% satisfy your needs or wishes? Then we are happy to adapt them where necessary. Together, we will build your ideal solution that is and remains future-proof.

Qastan Quality - There is no such thing as the bare minimum.

Quality is not only a goal, but also the result of thoughtful development of our products. Our products offer the customer a range of options (different platforms, choices in set-up ...), which often cannot be found with competitors or can only be found when paying a large fee.

Transparent and cost-effective with return-on-investment

At Qastan, we deliberately choose transparency and to give customers insight into their project and quote. From the start of the project, the customer knows exactly how much the total picture will cost. IT doesn't have to be expensive that way. Fair products and pricing, transparent information and no hidden costs. This way there is a real return-on-investment for every organization.

Error 404? We speak your (code) language

At Qastan we speak your language before, during and after the project. We don't juggle terms, complicated quotes, invoicing or helpdesk unnecessarily, we like to keep it simple. With targeted advice, we help you grow.