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Cirta ERP

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As an integrated ERP system, Cirta is composed of several components or modules that seamlessly interact. Together, they form one high-performance package that streamlines and automates all business processes within the company.

Based on our expertise in digitalization, the substructure in Cirta was fully equipped with a document management system. In other words, each document can be consulted throughout the entire program with a simple press of a button, while other documents (e.g. order forms and purchase invoices) are automatically linked or project documents are kept together throughout the entire process.

Schematic representation of Cirta's operation

Purchasing / sourcing

Quotes, orders, receptions, purchase invoice verification, invoice recognition ...

Overview and transparency are the key words here, so that you can oversee the entire process at all times and keep track of costs. Through workflows you have the ability to record each step within this process.

During purchasing, the available stock as well as the material requirements are always monitored in order to be able to make a correct estimate of the needs. In addition to reception, all necessary documents (order form, purchase invoice, CMR, customs documents, etc.) are linked together. Automatic invoice recognition with a possible booking proposal concludes the process.

Warehouse management (WMS) & Supply Chain Management

Manage warehouse, numerous logistics options, stock and inventory management

Through the warehouse management section, you determine the running times and locations of goods. Through the use of scanners and track&trace (per location - aisle - rack - level), goods can always be easily retrieved or automatically recognized. The picking can also be further automated and controlled via the built-in algorithm that prioritizes, for example, goods with an expiration date (best before), certain picking rules, FIFO/LIFO or other guidelines.

The integrated logbook, records all movements of the stock so that this historical data can also be used and checks can take placed at any time.

The SSC's logbook is a simple and easy to use tool. No matter how big or small, from SSCC labels to scanners or how you see warehouse management, for every challenge there is a scalable solution within Cirta.


Return per product, department, order or article group

When the actual costs (and therefore the final profit or return) have to be calculated, post-calculation is indispensable. This allows a quick check whether a project has gone off the rails, where exactly it went wrong, and which products are actually profitable. For this purpose, machine costs, hourly rates, subcontractors, materials ... can all be taken into account.


Training, contracts, fleet, employees ...

Increasingly, HR is becoming central to the business. In addition to administrative activities (leave registration, illness, management of contracts), performance management is increasingly given a place. Digitization and automation are not standing still here either. Our HR(M) module is fully integrated with document management. With a simple click of a button you have the right documents at hand.


Production orders, planning and production tracking

Grip on the production process from A to Z. A well-organized production including planning per article group, machine or staff member. Direct integration with the inventory ensures that production monitoring is smooth and streamlined.

The planning takes into account the competencies of each employee, bill of materials (BOM), work schedule and properties of machines or production sequence. This makes it easy to switch between machinery planning and effective personnel planning, while maintaining an overview of all completed or planned orders. Need data from other applications? Then we will be happy to integrate them.


Quotations, orders, deliveries and invoicing & chargeback (e-invoicing)

Manage the entire sales cycle: from quotation to effective invoicing and proposal of entry in the accounting system. Cirta takes on the entire processing, with automation as the starting point. Via parameters (discounts, commissions ...), digitalization (automatic sending of invoices ...) and workflows (approvals or validation) the entire process is streamlined. The internal logbook makes it possible to check every step or change in the process and to detect any errors in time.


Customer follow-up, relationship management & sales optimization

A CMR is indispensable in today's business operations. With a CRM tool, all contact moments and communication (with customers or prospects, for example) are recorded. Especially when the customer base is growing, it is no longer possible to bundle all customer data (but also phone calls, e-mails, etc.) in an orderly fashion and add any follow-up actions or reminders (e.g. when sending an offer).

Integrations external software & tools

Already at the start of Cirta, the focus was on total integration with external software or supporting tools such as CAD/CAM drawings, accounting packages, Outlook, AS/400 ... After all, simple integration ensures that your employees can continue to work in their familiar environment.