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Document Management

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FITdoc lends itself to large, medium and small companies

FITdoc offers solutions to all digitization and automation challenges for both large and small players, and this completely sector-independently. Central is always our own document management system FITdoc, which forms the core of our digitization story. With FITdoc, we always start from a scalable and appropriate solution. After all, every organization is different, has different emphases and dynamics. Finding the right FIT for each working method is a challenge we gladly accept.

Whether you need a simple scanning tool, want to archive, automate a complete administration or rather a standard solution with little fuss? We are happy to customize our solutions according to your DNA, your way of working and your pace.

If it can be a little bigger …

In a digital world, the demand for more complex processes and tailor-made automations is also growing a lot. Do you already have specific ERP, accounting or niche packages? With a growing portfolio of customers and years of experience, we are able to make the necessary integrations and links with almost all packages. Even when you choose for the functionalities of FITdoc but want to use them in the background, next to your own applications, we are happy to help you on your way.

Need a more compact solution?

Do you need a small and scalable solution, limited in size and investment? Then you can turn to FITdoc Lite. Our Lite version, was developed specifically for small businesses and organizations up to 5 employees with the aim of simplifying and streamlining office administration. Besides a mobile app, FITdoc Lite comes standard with all the basic functionalities of FITdoc. Compact, scalable and efficient.

Looking for a specific solution or have a specific question?

You have a specific question, you are in a niche sector or you already have a solution in mind that you want to roll out? If so, we will be happy to help you further and find a suitable tailor-made solution.