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Document Management

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The wide range of possibilities, ensures that FITdoc can be used as office software in any type of organization. FITdoc offers solutions for all digitalization and automation issues. We have an appropriate solution for each issue.

Automatically bundle administrative documents (e.g. CMR, delivery notes, pickup note ...) and digitize the order process.

Automatic document bundling

All documents available anytime, anywhere: online, mobile, at home, on the job or in the office.

Working from home and working remotely

Reduce turnaround time and link receipts (requisition statements, shipping notes, delivery notes, orders ...) to invoices easily or automatically.

Matching of receipts and invoices

Digitize your paper records through easy scanning

Digitization and scanning solutions

All receipts or photos immediately to the correct file, without detours and fully automatically.

Digitizing receipts and (construction site photos)

Reduce manual operations and errors through AI driven recognition.

Automated invoice processing and recognition

Bundling all employee documents or reminders on policies or training courses? Via the chronological timeline you will never lose track again.

File & chronology

A secure environment


Security is held in high esteem at FITdoc. Each database or archive environment is constantly monitored by our people and updated where necessary. Through periodic updates, the general security of FITdoc is also updated each time using the most innovative technologies.

Retention of documents &
legal retention periods

There are different retention periods for each type of document. As a rule of thumb, the Federal Public Service Economy (Belgium), which follows the European legislator in this, recommends that all documents be kept for 10 years. In this way, you will more than satisfy the specific retention periods (see below for details). The exception to this rule is all documents relating to immovable property. For these, a retention period of at least 15 years applies.