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Security is held in high esteem at FITdoc. Each database or archive environment is constantly monitored by our people and updated where necessary. Through periodic updates, the overall security of FITdoc is also updated each time through the most innovative technologies.

Security in FITdoc is reflected in two different levels: general security of the software and the individual rights policy of each user.

  • General security:The general security level assumes a fully encrypted security using the most modern technologies to keep the database up-to-date. Here, the security and the database function as separate parts, so the risk of data leakage or breach in case of an external attack is very low. Moreover, FITdoc is also not susceptible to cryptolockers or other malware. Like all other components, additional layers of security can be applied - if desired - via so-called custom made functions.
  • Rights Policy: The FITdoc database provides a secure (archival) environment to store and process documents. Rights can be assigned at different levels: per document type, sector, department, function in the organization, customer, content,... Also within the software package different rights can be defined: who has write rights, read rights,... Everything can be set by the administrator as desired.