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Argus scan & recognize

“Argus was a giant and guardian from Greek mythology who’s sleep never fell upon his eyes. The all-seeing one, always kept an eye on everything and everyone, even when all others were asleep.”

Automated invoice handling

Streamline the entire invoicing and approval process. Automate, manage and choose for more insight and financial control.

Choosing for automated invoice processing, means choosing to minimize manual actions. The entire invoicing process is scrutinized and automated where possible: from receipt to processing of the invoice. As a customer, you always have the last word of course, and can choose from an endless range of possibilities.

The attentiveness and decisiveness of Argus, make our AI (artificial intelligence), the flagship of FITdoc. As an integral part of FITdoc, Argus is responsible for automatically analyzing and recognizing documents and invoices. Argus continues where normal scan and recognize (OCR) applications stop: effective, quickly implemented and moreover fully geared towards booking time savings.


Import of


Analysis and


authorization process


Booking proposal

How does Argus “scan & recognize (OCR)” work?

  1. Import of invoices: Whether they are paper invoices or digital, for both processes we have the appropriate solution in place to enable fast processing.
    All invoices are retrieved from a central mailbox (e.g. or after scanning from a shared folder and added to FITdoc's digital archive. Thus, a complete digital archive is created from the first step.
  2. Analysis and recognition: Our AI module Argus automatically extracts all desired data from the document (VAT number, suppliers, invoice number, date, etc.). Would you like to extract specific data from the invoice: e.g. reference, yard or PO? Then we easily adjust this for you.
  3. Approval/authorization process: Streamline approval and verification of invoices via our online portal or mobile application. Split across multiple approvers, sites or project managers, anything is possible. In addition, this process can be done both before and after the booking proposal.
    Linking to various other documents is also possible: for example, linking delivery notes or dispatch notes to purchase invoices.
  4. Booking proposal: All extracted data is exported in a structured format (UBL/XML) to the desired ERP or accounting package to enable further processing (booking, post calculation, ...).

The power of Argus?

Easy integration

Argus works independently of ERP or accounting packages. This means that we can easily link Argus with your existing systems.

Available anytime, anywhere

Process, assign and validate invoices 24/7, including remotely (app and web portal).

Short implementation phase

No hassle but a fast implementation phase allows you to get started almost immediately and focus on your core business.

Endless possibilities

You draw the authorization steps as you see them. FITdoc and Argus adapt to your organization.

Ready to save time and make document processing more efficient?


Quickly available anywhere: All invoices are always available digitally via the local version, web version or mobile application. From the moment the invoice is imported into FITdoc, the invoices become fully searchable. Through a Google-like search, you can find the right invoice at any time using keywords (article information ...) as well as specific search terms (supplier name, site or PO number ...) or request the status.

Efficiency and time savings: Manual booking is no longer a necessity but becomes an exception. Argus creates real-time booking proposals, leaving only the visual check at the time of booking.

Consulting invoices in existing systems: If you choose FITdoc, you choose integration. Not only are all invoices stored in your digital safe (FITdoc), they are also available in your existing ERP or accounting package.

Status and Overview: At all times you are in control of the system and can keep a close eye on the status of invoices.

Efficient invoice processing: Streamline the entire invoice process. Argus creates real-time booking proposals, leaving only the visual check at the time of booking. You choose how the approval process will look like: Do you need one or more approvers? Project leaders or department heads who have access to the invoices? Separation of cost and goods invoices? Anytime, anywhere access to invoices, even from your desk or on the road? Then Argus will help you a lot.


Setting up a digital archive in FITdoc makes it possible to match various documents with each other. Once the documents are digitally available (e.g. via Scan & Recognize) the matching process can be started to significantly shorten the turnaround time.

What is matching?

With order matching, invoices are matched to orders created in the ERP system. From the purchase or supplier invoice, one or more orders (POs), purchase orders or delivery notes can be matched via the PO number that is mentioned on the invoice.

  • Packing slips or delivery notes can be assigned directly to a supplier upon receipt.
  • Link purchase invoices to one or more orders (POs) and purchase orders.