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Document Management

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FITdoc is an all-in-one package: no modules, no extras to pay for settings. In short, what you see is what you get. FITdoc comes standard with a wide range of options and possibilities.
With numerous administrative options, various options for document recognition, paper scanning and automation, FITdoc is the digitization tool for any office environment.

Google-like search

Google has become virtually synonymous with online search. Entering only a few keywords retrieves the correct file.
FITdoc fully adopts this logic and allows information retrieval in the same intuitive way where documents are also searchable by content. This way you can easily search by invoice number, customer, PO, project name ...

Filter by (document) type, date, author, customer ... to refine searches and get quick results or use boolean search functions such as AND, OR, NOT, PROVIDED, ...

Secured environment & rights management

The FITdoc database provides a secure (archive) environment to store and process documents. Rights can be assigned at different levels: by document type, sector, department, function in the organization, customer, content ... Even within the software package, different rights can be defined: who has write, read, etc. rights. Everything can be set by the user as desired.

Unlimited storage and volumes

With FITdoc, you take control of your own documents and archive. The settings, like the volumes, are unlimited. Whether it's about 100 documents or 25 million documents, we provide a suitable solution for every customer in our portfolio.

Cloud, on premise or mixed?

Looking for a digital archive in the cloud? Or rather directly on your own server? Or maybe a mixed system with backups? We would be happy to explore the possibilities with you and adapt where necessary.

Version control

Always having the most recent version of the document on hand? FITdoc creates a new version for you (automatically), so that you can retrieve any specific versions later. It also keeps track of who made changes to the document.

Automatic document splitting

When scanning documents in bulk, documents can be automatically split. This can be done through separation pages or barcodes on the documents themselves or through keywords in the document content.


Deadlines? Meet payment deadlines? Approve order, leave or other process steps in a timely manner? A reminder notifies you in time of the steps to be taken. This not only benefits the throughput time of the process, but also frees up more time to focus on your core tasks.


Your folder structure is sacred but you still want to use the advantages of a digital archive? Why not combine the two? The standard feature 'treeview' allows you to search within a folder structure in FITdoc.

Files & timeline

Via the built-in timeline, actions (to do's) can be attached to people or documents. Different files that need to be followed up (e.g. quotations) or documents where chronological documentation (e.g. damage files) is important, are bundled into one file.

Deadline / validity of documents

Contracts, insurance documents or certificates that are expiring? Documents with a specific expiration or follow-up date? Check invoices in a timely manner? Delete documents automatically? With FITdoc, expiration dates can be monitored and respected more easily.

Sharing with external parties

Documents can be shared with external users (suppliers, one-time users ...) and can be consulted via an anonymous link. Another possibility is to make a protected digital vault (online portal) available to external users.

Online web-portal

Besides the local version, FITdoc can also be consulted via the online portal. Just like the local version, all rights are carefully protected so that everyone can easily work remotely.

Mobile app

Via the app, documents can be quickly requested but also easily added to the digital archive. Think of construction site photos, notes from a meeting, receipts, expense reports ...

Workflows and action processes

Workflows are Ideal for optimizing internal processes or defining step-by-step approval and actions. However, these are not limited to invoice approval. Other processes can also be set up via workflows: assigning POs, order forms, files to persons or departments …

Approval processed

A single approver? Multiple approvers? A case manager who can only consult? A SPOC (single point of contact), site manager or department head who works on a customer-specific basis? When it comes to setting up an approval process, FITdoc has no limits.

Built-in OCR function

When adding a document to the digital archive, the document (regardless of type: pdf, word, excel ...) is read in the background to make it fully readable and searchable. This OCR function is an integral part of FITdoc and is included as standard. There are no additional costs or clicks involved.

Document recognition and AI (ARGUS)

With our ARGUS application, documents (invoices, delivery notes...) and forms can be read and recognized.

You can read exactly how this works on our ARGUS-page.

Digitalization of paper documents

Documents can be retrieved from external packages (ERP, Outlook ...). To digitize paper documents, we have several possibilities: scan directly to FITdoc, via QR/barcodes, scan to a mailbox and have it automatically added ...


To easily store communications (mail traffic, invoices, contracts, drawings,...) centrally, FITdoc can be integrated with Outlook or Gmail. This way, documents can be emailed more easily from FITdoc, while mail traffic can be added to the digital archive with one click on the button.

Moreover, invoices or other documents sent to a central mailbox (e.g. invoices@) can be added and exported to your accounting package fully automatically.

ERP, financial administrative of specific niche software

FITdoc easily establishes the necessary integrations to other office software in your current environment. Communication can take place from and to FITdoc. Information can be retrieved (e.g. PO numbers, orders, booking numbers, general ledger accounts,...) or files can be exported to enable further processing (e.g. invoices, orders for post calculation ...).