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Good planning is different for every organization and is not always easy. Not only is it extremely time-consuming, the planner must also have access to a great deal of (up-to-date) information, such as the description of the assignment, last-minute changes, resources or competencies.

MountQ takes into account the competencies of each employee - For each assignment or project, the specific knowledge profile of the employee is taken into account. Thus, all employees are classified into separate knowledge pools that can be matched to a specific assignment.

Optimization - MountQ always starts from an optimal occupation of resources. In this way, under- or over-utilization is avoided and productivity is raised to a higher level. Distance and route optimization is also taken into account in the planning process.

Take into account the rules specific to the organization or company culture - every organization is different. Consider agreements that apply within the organization and any legislative frameworks (e.g. collective bargaining agreements that determine the maximum hours to be worked). In addition, each rule is given a weight or priority. The weight and priority can also be determined by the planner. These 'rules' are also taken into account to come to an optimal planning.

Direct matching & automation - MountQ automatically searches patterns and relationships in the available information. Thus, specific jobs can be linked to employee competencies, resources and equipment.

Quickly adjust (e.g. urgent intervention) where necessary - immediately after scheduling the task, it can be passed on to the employee on the job. In this way, the assignments and task lists of the mobile employees are changed in real time and adjusted where necessary.

Quick access to the right documents and information - Having all the current and correct information at hand is crucial to responding quickly and efficiently. Through an integration via our API with FITdoc (Document Management System), documents can be consulted directly by the planner as well as on site.

Integration possibilities - centralize essential information and easily integrate MountQ to your existing business software. In accordance with the Qastan philosophy, MountQ was also developed with a view to integration within an existing context.Think here also of an ERP, track&trace, time recording or a document management system, among others. Via our API, MountQ links easily to your current software.

Savings in time - Savings in time may be self-evident, but the algorithm allows you to go a little further. After all, effective and optimal planning means more than just saving time: increasing productivity and efficiency are the ultimate goals which MountQ is happy to help with.

Preferences and historical data - For certain jobs, one employee (e.g. when all maintenance jobs in the past were done by a specific employee) is more suitable than another. Preferences can be linked, while 'forbidden' employees (e.g. employee does not have the right certificates or did slightly less well on a previous job with the same customer) are also taken into account. In addition, all interventions are kept in a logbook per client/yard/project to build up a history.

Real-time synchronization - Urgent interventions or acute problems no longer throw your planning off course. MountQ always looks for the best possible schedule and sends changes immediately to the employee in question. When new orders are scheduled, the update is immediately sent to the mobile employee. At the same time, the planning board is adjusted and updated for all dispatchers.

Resources in the right place - Maintain an overview of what material is needed to complete the job and where exactly it is located (e.g., by site).

Visible command list - All calls, assignments and actions are collected and displayed in one clear list. The way these calls reach the dispatcher can be completely chosen.

Also outsiders and subcontractors In addition to your own employees, you can also send outsiders via the online platform for subcontractors. Assignments are placed here in a clear manner and linked to the own software.