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Document Management

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Too much paper? Cluttered administrative processes? Time wasted filing and bundling files? Entering invoices manually? Does this sound familiar? Then FITdoc might offer a suitable solution for your office environment.
Why do our clients choose FITdoc?

Time savings - Perhaps the most obvious but also the most underestimated benefit. Also a real quick win when manual actions such as entering invoice data are limited.

Efficiency - Find documents and files faster. Spreadsheets and endless scanning become a thing of the past. Reminders, bundling files, reading documents or simply having everything at hand digitally are just a few of the countless possibilities.

Easier search and retrieval in a fully searchable archive - The Google-like search function allows you to search via keywords, on content, file name, etc. Keeping documents in folders and arranging them according to client or file name is a thing of the past. Would you still like to keep your folder structure? Then we take it over completely and make it searchable too.

Take your administration and teamwork to the next level - All documents and information are centrally archived and accessible (according to rights policies) to everyone. Administrative processes are streamlined through reminders, actions and workflows.

All office information available anytime, anywhere - Through the mobile app, web application and local application, the digital archive becomes available in the office, at home and on the road. Externals can also access specific files via a web link.

Bundle files and link information together - Digital documents offer so many more possibilities than their paper counterpart. References on invoices (e.g. site number, policy numbers,...) can all be bundled with the main customer or project.

Retrieve information from other software applications through easy integration - Communicate with other packages and retrieve information from other software applications (ERP, financial administration,...) Or export files and data to other software applications to enable further processing (e.g. invoices, orders,...)