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Cirta ERP

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Cirta enables companies to map their entire household and manage it efficiently from a single application. This way, everyone in the organization works together from one application and information is easily shared.

Sustainable investment for the future - Cirta was designed from practical experience and many years of experience in the field of automation and digitalization. Thus Citra offers a solution for the most current needs in modern business operations.

Sustainability was an important factor from the start. Continuous innovation, combined with the experience from our other packages and customization, form the engine of a future proof software package.

Clear focus on ROI, efficiency and reducing time to market - Increasing the efficiency of processes is our absolute core business and not just a side hustle we like to take in between.

Our advice, analysis and support are all aimed at optimizing existing processes and maximizing your efficiency are the engine of a future proof software package.

Designed for, by and with the customer - Cirta was designed with some small and medium-sized businesses to meet today's challenges.

From the start it was important to provide the customer with a practical, clear and high-performance system.

Digital information flows - information is available everywhere - All data and information is centrally managed and available to every employee (who has rights to it). No piles of paper, no carrying around receipts or continuous printing of documents.

An underlying document management system (FITdoc) manages the entire paper and document flow. With one click on the button (via keyword, code, PO, site number, customer, ...) you retrieve the correct documents and any related relevant information.