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Qastan, the new name of FIT,
together we build on your growth

Your transparent IT partner for an organization in transition.

Complex business processes to automate? Smaller digitization challenges? Scanning solutions or dreaming of the paperless office?

At Qastan we build your digital future together. Sustainable, transparent but above all with a focus on a clear return-on-investment for your organization. Less time-consuming operations, automated and more efficient. In short, we build total solutions that pay off and unburden your administration and production.

How can we help you grow?


Archiving, document management, digital signing, document recognition, structure workflows or opt for a paperless organization.


A single application to drive your organization. 100% focus on maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Reduce time loss and optimize productivity for workers, tasks or machines.

To do's, production planning, inventory, order processing, endless possibilities.


One point of contact for all IT challenges in your organization.

This is what we do. Clear communication, strong expertise and clear vision.

Not quite found what you're looking for in our core solutions?

If so, we'll be happy to help you through our customization process. Need inspiration?

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